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Metro Foods Ltd. concentrates its efforts on food products and consulting in the East Coast marketplace. Our market includes retail supermarkets, wholesalers, convenience stores, and club stores located in the East Coast Region. We specialize in frozen foods, grocery, meat, deli, seafood, and private-label brand items.

Our company constantly seeks out new and innovative companies to represent in the marketplace. We guide manufacturers in retail supermarkets, club stores, and distribution channels with concise and accurate market information. Our team possesses experience in pioneering product lines from the ground up. Through consultations, Metro Foods Ltd. can guide manufacturers into the correct market approach for their business.

With over 35 years of experience, we continue to be aggressive and knowledgeable about our customers and principals in the food industry. Our future continues to be successful with hard work and perseverance.


Scott W. Blevins


Metro Foods Ltd.

Our History.

As a meat apprentice in a local supermarket during his early years, Scott Blevins began to understand what customer service means in the food industry. After years of experience in the food business, Metro Foods Ltd. was founded by Scott W. Blevins in the fall of 1986. Scott obtained his market knowledge and salesmanship through his association with the Stop & Shop Supermarket Co. and food manufacturing companies which provided the foundation for Metro Foods Ltd. today. Metro Foods established its business in the six states of New England and has grown its business to cover the East Coast region over the years, representing several prominent manufacturers with record sales achievements.

What we do.

It is important to know that Metro Foods Ltd. is a personal hands-on brokerage company specifically structured to target and focus on food companies ensuring their sales and success. Our company has been personally responsible for some National and Regional brands' success in the country.

Metro Foods handles all headquarter accounts in the East Coast Region. An experienced team of professionals consists of Account Executives, Office Management Staff, and Retail Specialist to ensure complete coverage and consistent communication. Our team of Retail Specialists provides extensive store coverage throughout East Coast to secure our items’ distribution, cut in new items, and remain competitive within all stores. This is a top priority for the team at Metro Foods Ltd.

A commitment to customer satisfaction is further supported with an efficient, automated current food brokerage computer software and reporting system. This system allows for high efficiency in order processing, item tracking, and yearly sales comparisons.

Metro Foods Ltd. has a proven track record of success within its 35 years of operation and reinforces our belief that Metro Foods will offer the knowledge and experience necessary for the successful development of our food product lines.

What we do
Our Tools to Success

How we Succeed.

All orders are processed efficiently through communication to our customers through the use of EDI and the internet. Timely deliveries are ensured through continuous contact with principals. We then promptly advise all customers of the outcome.

Who we are.

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